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All About Buying New Windows in Woodbridge

Are you thinking of replacing your windows in Woodbridge? These are some tips to help you do it right the first time. It is important to make sure that the salesperson fully understands what you are looking for.

First, it is important to determine if the window is drawn from inside or outside. Many people don't think about this when they sign a contract. The convention can be complicated. Some windows can be seen from the outside in certain countries, such as those where there is a high density of houses. Others, like areas with many multi-story buildings, may be viewed from the inside. If you want to buy new windows in Woodbridge, then you can visit


After you have made sure you know which side of your window is on the inside of your house, you need to make sure you know where the hinges are and which way the door or window opens. 

Then there is color. Here's where things get even more complicated. The trade term "Woodgrain and white" often refers to a window that is Woodgrain on its outside but White inside. This is not always true. Many people know this, and you may be one of them! This "obvious" question is not intended to make you look stupid. This is combined with the discussion of outside and inside above, and the potential for error increases dramatically.

Ask for a sample of your window profile before ordering – most window companies are happy to provide this.