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All About Protective Glass Coating

The protective glass coating chemically bonds to the glass, making it a more hygienic, hydrophobic, and oil-resistant surface. This corrosion-resistant coating protects the treated glass surface from stains and scratches, making the glass easier to clean and stay clear, and lasting longer. You can also look for the best glass protective coating through various online sources.

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Repairing one or both glass surfaces with a protective glass coating will make the glass easier to clean and maintain. More importantly, the glass surface treated with Enhance repels water, oil, and other contaminants – making it a cleaner and more hygienic building material.

Benefits of glass coating

Minimize Cleaning Time – Glass coating reduces the frequency and time required to clean as glass repels water, oil, minerals, and dirt.

Stain protection – Glass coating eliminates the need for harsh and often toxic cleaning agents and reduces the need to replace the glass.

Protection against sun damage – It is high resistance to UV rays, which makes coated glass especially suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Protect your investment – It saves your money by protecting your investment in high-end glass applications, reducing the need for replacement due to corrosion, and keeping the glass looking clean and clear.

Environmentally responsible – The coating can be considered as a potential grantor to LEED credits.