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An Introduction to Paint Protection Film for Cars and Trucks

Twenty years ago, car paint protection was strictly transparent. The car's transparent coating promises to end damage from road debris and create a new car look year after year. The thing is, if the clearcoat is straightened or scratched, it will look almost as bad as the damage to the paint itself.

Repairing major damage through a transparent coating is as time-consuming and expensive as repairing the paint itself. The transparent coating provided protection, but that was by no means a promise. You can also look for paint protection film in New York.

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There is something new on the market lately that fulfills many broken promises of transparent coating: Clear Paint Protection Film. Paint protection film is the latest development in the world of car paint. It's been around for a few years, but only recently has it attracted a large crowd.

While not the perfect solution to all paint problems, it is the best on the market and should be considered by anyone looking to protect expensive paint. The protective varnish film consists of a thin thermoplastic urethane.

Anyone who is familiar with do-it-yourself window stain film should have a good idea of what conformal varnish film is because they are almost identical. The window color is natural and the coating for the color is transparent.

Films are available in sheets or rolls. Several companies today make bespoke protective films that are tailored to specific vehicles. This is a great innovation and saves cutting time, which can be very annoying to hobbyists.