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Bathroom Shower Design That Makes You Bath Longer

Bathroom shower designs are purchased without changes or adapted to the owner's bathroom design. Here are some of the newest bathroom shower designs available in the market today.

Electric shower is the bathroom shower design in which you can only heat the water that is consumed. It will only be installed in parts where you prefer hot or cold water. You can also turn everyday ritual into a shower experience with award-winning Satin jet technology from Methven.

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The advantage of this type is that not all water needs to be heated for home use. It doesn't heat up all the water in the tank. Instead, the temperature is only maintained in certain places such as the bathroom.

The consistency of water flow depends on how much electricity is used. This shower design has different units according to your budget and needs. The higher the electricity consumption, the stronger and better the water productivity.

Shower mixer is a type of shower that blends and blends hot and cold water when used. Recommended for homes that save hot water. This type can be manual with two controls or automatic with a thermostatic regulator to control the temperature and flow of water you want.

This bathroom shower design can offer many designs. Ranging from contemporary designs to Victorian designs. Power shower is a design suitable for low water pressure homes. It consists of 2 parts, a mixing control which combines hot and cold water and a pump which increases the amount of water flowing.