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Causes, Symptoms and Reliable Treatment for Headache

Headache is pain felt in any region of the head. This pain could be experienced on either one or both sides of the head. The aches could also be isolated to a certain location, or radiate across the head from one point. It could present with a vice-like quality as well.

Headaches could be a sharp pain that throbs with sensation or in a dull ache. These aches may appear gradually or suddenly lasting for even less than an hour or for a number of days.


Types and causes of headaches

A headache could either be primary or secondary. Your doctor will analyze the symptoms experienced to determine the possible causes of the headache. In most cases, the headaches come with other body issues but often not as serious conditions. Others could be life-threatening and thus require emergency medical attentions.

Primary headaches are generally caused by over-activity of the structures sensitive to pain in the head. This is often not a symptom of any other underlying problem. The headache could be as a result of chemical activity within the brain, the various nerves and blood vessels within and without the head and the skull, or even the muscles of the head and neck.

Common types of primary headaches include:

  • Migraines
  • Cluster headache
  • Trigeminal autonomic cephalagia (TAC)
  • Tension headache

Your healthcare giver will analyze the symptoms and establish possible causes of the condition. It is through the diagnosis results that the doctor will advise on the outright painkiller medications for you to start using so as to relieve the pain while preventing further headache attacks.