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Choosing a Cairns Photographer – Two Most Important Factors

Your wedding photos will be the only lasting reminder of your wedding day when it's all said and done. You will hear this more than once when looking for a photographer, but it's true. There are no "do over" with the wedding photography so you need to get it right the first time. With so much as stake, you may ask what is really important when looking for a wedding photographer in Cairns? There are two factors that need to be considered above all else.

1. Do I like their photography?

2. Do I like the photographer personally?

Seems pretty obvious but oftentimes those two factors get lost in the list of other considerations such as the photography cost and the advice of others. In the end, this is a decision for you, because these photos will be your first family heirloom. You probably already have a mental picture of your ideal wedding for years and probably since childhood.

This is your chance to turn pictures in your head into reality. Now ask yourself "What do I really want my wedding photos look like?" Do you want documentary photos of you and your guests having the time of their lives? Do you want photos of you and your spouse interacting naturally and romantically?

Do you crave for your fashion-forward high-impact artistic pose? Do you want a more traditional family portrait that serves as a record of your family history in a particular place in time? More than likely you want a bit of everything and most photographers offer a blend of photographic composition.

You just need to find a photographer that offers the right mix. Another less obvious factor in wedding photography is the post-processing of your photographs. This includes basic edits such as colour correction all the way to beauty retouching.  Many digital photographers also add artistic treatment for your photos such as black & white conversion photos, vintage desaturated colours treatment, and other art smooth texture.

Remember, you will see these pictures with your grandkids so try to think beyond what is trendy in wedding photography today. Most couples want their wedding photos to be immortal. Think about what this means for your timeless photography.