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Cure Anxiety And Panic Attacks – Specific Phobia

A specific fear is the avoidance and fear of a particular situation or object. This fear is severe enough to interfere with a normal routine, causing considerable discomfort. Exposing yourself directly to specific fears will sometimes result in a nervous reaction. 

Here are some common specific phobias:

Acrophobia – It is the fear of high buildings, bridges, and even heights like being on the top of a mountain. To get more information regarding the fear of flying, you can visit

Specific Phobia

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Airplane phobia – There is a very general fear that the plane is usually about to fall from the sky or more recently it will be hijacked or bombed by terrorists. About 10 percent of the world's population refuses to fly, while others experience extreme anxiety and panic while flying.

Blood phobia – a unique phobia where the victim may actually faint from the sight of blood

Disease Phobia – Fear of heart attack, cancer or other deadly diseases

Treatment methods include:

Cognitive therapy – where fearful thoughts are challenged and then replaced with a more realistic thought pattern

Relaxation therapy – This usually involves abdominal breathing techniques and deep muscle relaxation, techniques that can be used when you are experiencing a specific fear or before experience when you have advanced anxiety or nervousness.