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Different Types of Brooms in New South Wales

A broom (also known as a broomstick) is a cleaning tool made up of usually stiff fibers (often made of materials such as plastic, hair, or corn husks) attached to and roughly parallel to a cylindrical handle, the broomstick.

Here are different types of brooms:

The Standard Broom: The standard broom is ideal for cleaning small areas indoors. This is the most popular type of broom because the materials make it easy to pick up dust particles and other debris that may be lying around the house. You can purchase different types of brooms via

The standard broom is suitable for any standard living space, so if you live in a condo this is most likely the broom for you.

The Push Broom: The push broom is considered a specialty broom; it is not commonly used in everyday situations. The push broom's main feature is its large head, which is ideal for cleaning large areas. The push broom is an excellent cleaning tool for areas such as a garage floor. 

The Angle Broom: Angle brooms are similar to standard brooms in that they can be used for everyday cleaning; however, the strands are uniform in length but angled.

The reason for this design is that they can reach corners and other small spaces that a standard broom cannot. The angle broom is ideal for any kitchen with many corners and small, tight spaces that must be reached.