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Growing Importance of Plant Breeding For Sustainable Development

Most of us often forget that we as humans owe our survival to providing food. Almost nothing we eat today was originally found in nature. In this case, planting crops is one of the most important things in this race.

This is the basis for successful and productive agriculture. Over the past 30 years, the report said that more than 90% of the profits from our main crops came from innovations in plant breeding. There are many companies that also provide easy plant identification app.

This type of breeding is considered as the most important factor in meeting the world's food, feed, and fuel needs. Given the deadly global challenges of climate change and food security, new ways of developing plants and breeding techniques must be the main focus of these breeders to protect the environment and humanity.

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This is the most important result of sustainable agriculture. The origin of plant breeding goes back thousands of years when native farmers once a year choose the best to provide seeds for the next harvest.

On the other hand, modern plant propagation techniques enable better results thanks to the latest scientific and technological developments.

Modern breeding is a high investment business that is driven by complex techniques and methods. However, only the basic foundation of plant genetic research is practiced in the public sector, while commercial breeders are the best and the only way to market plant-enhanced truths.

This type of breeding contributes significantly to the country's gross domestic product and to the competitiveness and growth of its food industry.