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How To Choose A Best Rubber Gasket For Commercial Use?

Gaskets are essential for preventing the leak of fluids or air in a variety of different applications. Since gaskets are available in many different sizes and materials( it is also known as ”
ปะเก็นมีให้เลือกหลายขนาดและวัสดุ” in the Thai language), selecting the right gasket can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience.

Before you actually choose a gasket for the particular application, you need to learn every detail about the gasket’s. Details such as temperature, fluid pressure, and the corrosive plate of the contained fluid are vital to know.

Here are some common materials used to manufacture rubber gaskets and their benefits.

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  • Carbon gaskets offer superior sealing even on the worst flange surfaces and can withstand long-term exposure to high temperatures.
  • Copper gaskets are mainly used on high-performance engines because of their durability. The copper distributes heat evenly throughout the gasket to prevent warping.
  • Fiber gaskets have a great tensile strength and superior blowout resistance and are also corrosion resistant.
  • Rubber gaskets are easy to install because of their flexibility, and they also have superior heat resistance.
  • Steel gaskets are designed to handle higher compression ratios, special cam timing, and higher operating temperatures. The rigid steel design practically eliminates gasket distortion under grueling engine conditions.

Hence, all these information can guide you to choose the right one for your application needs.