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How To Take Care Of Your Lawn In Abbotsford BC

Your lawn can lose its vibrancy during the summer due to a lack of nitrogen. You should fertilize your lawn with a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. This will help it grow earlier in the season. 

For proper and regular maintenance of your landscape, the hiring of professionals having very long experience of landscaping in Abbotsford BC would be the most suitable option as Abbotsford city is known for its beautiful landscapes and scenic views.

You must also water your lawn correctly after applying the fertilizer. Before you apply the fertilizer to your lawn, make sure that you check the weather forecast to ensure that it is not raining. You will lose all your hard work if the rains wash away the fertilizer.

You should not cut more than one-third of your lawn when you use a lawnmower. This will ensure that the grass crown is shaded during the summer. This will ensure that the grass grows thicker and retains moisture. The clippings can be left on the lawn as an additional nutrition source.

Regular lawn maintenance is essential. You must also clear weeds and inspect for disease. You can use chemical compounds available on the market to restore the glory of your lawn if you notice such lapses. To avoid any damage, you must always follow the instructions of the manufacturer when applying chemical compounds to your lawn.

If necessary, you will need to sharpen your lawnmower's blades and perform the cutting. This will ensure that the grass is healthy and free from diseases. Insect infestations can be a problem in lawns. You can get rid of them with the right chemicals.