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How You Can Help A Dyslexic Child Learn To Read

Dyslexia can make reading seem like a scary and unpleasant experience, so it's important to show children that it can actually be something enjoyable and fulfilling. In addition, If he is surviving high school with Dyslexia then for improving their reading level, reading together regularly will help to form a positive association with reading.

Pick a time when your child is calm and relaxed, like in the evening before bed. Allow your child to choose which book you're going to read together and let them start reading aloud. If the book is a little too hard for them, read the words together. 

In addition to reading with your child, there are a number of other techniques and tools that can help improve their reading and make it less stressful for them:

  • Reading aids: Coloured acetate sheets or rulers can reduce visual stress and help children focus on individual words and phonemes.

  • Multisensory learning: Tracing letters in sand or paint, or using wooden and plastic letters, can help to create a physical memory of how certain phonemes sound.

  • Using the thumb method: Using their thumb or finger to cover up parts of the word they're not reading, allows them to break words down into individual sounds.

  • Use audio storytelling: Listening to stories can inspire a love of storytelling, which helps to create positive associations with books and reading. So, make an effort to read aloud to your children. Traditional tales apps will let children watch and listen to stories, helping them learn to love storytelling and understand why they are learning to read.