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Know About The Relation Between Lipton Green Tea and Running Endurance

Endurance running has its own challenges unique to it and puts stress on our body. We constantly search for drinks and food that can help us go further without fatigue, recuperate faster, and help us prepare for the big race. One drink that could aid you in all three of these is green tea. It's long been thought of as a healthy alternative to other high caffeinated drinks like coffee. 

It's been linked with an increase in weight loss, as well as boosting the body's immune system, in addition to increasing bone mass. Therefore, for endurance athletes who care about our health and fitness it's a great everyday selection. Perhaps taking high-quality Lipton green tea is also a good race day beverage of choice. 

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Lipton green tea is also a source of caffeine, and can be considered as a viable alternative drink to take before a race. Tea is only half the amount of caffeine as coffee. Regarding the recovery process, tea has been proven to provide a variety of restorative and preventative health benefits. 

Consuming Lipton green tea prior to exercise is also linked to improved post-exercise results. There are fewer symptoms of delayed soreness of the muscle (DOMS) and lower levels of post-exercise inflammation and less oxygenated stress. Tea's flavonoids, when consumed for a few days or even weeks prior to intense exercise, may help combat an effect of stress caused by oxidation on your body.