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Know More About The Grades of Threaded Bolts

Fully Threaded bolts are used in a wide gamut of plumbing activities. It is also called long screws or stud bolts. Full screws are threaded rods with no head. A stud bolt is a bolt with thread on both sides. It is also called a tap-end stud.

There are many bolts come with varied dimensions and lengths and hence need to be cut properly to adapt changes in fitting operation. When it comes to fasteners and fixings, high tensile fully threaded stud bolts( Which is also known asสลักเกลียวแกนเกลียวอย่างเต็มที่ in he Thai language) are some of the best you can offer your customers. These bolts are an important part of many home improvement projects, auto manufacturing and repairs, and other industrial projects.

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Purchasing a high tensile bolt, you should find two grades and you have to be aware of: ‘S’ or 8.8 grades. These bolts labelled with the grade 8.8 or S are solid.

8.8 is often referred to as the structural grade for bolts and has galvanised hexagon heads also made with zinc or are zinc plated. However,’S’ is used for the tensile strength of industrial fasteners because it can withstand a stress of 45 to 49.9 metric tonnes per 6.45 cm².

They both are mostly determined by their grades and how much stress they are able to stand. Moreover, what type of tool must be used to tighten them. All these factors are considered before using the fitting system.