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Main Factors To Consider When Buying Sunglasses

When buying sunglasses, it's important to look for not only style and color, but also safety. You will likely be wearing them for a long time, so it's important that you choose the best pair for your needs. Here are some to keep in mind : 

UV protection: The main goal of locs sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. Look for sunglasses with a high level of protection, which means they will block out most of the sun's light. 

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Frame style: Another factor to consider is the frame style. You'll want to find sunglasses that fit well and are comfortable to wear. Some styles, like wraparounds, offer more coverage than other types of frames. 

Shape and size: One thing you don't want to do is buy sunglasses that are too large or too small for your face. This can cause them to be uncomfortable or difficult to wear. Instead, opt for shades that are in between sizes so they will fit comfortably and look good on you.

There are basically two types of sunglasses: polarized lenses and un-polarized lenses. Un-polarized lenses don't filter out all the rays, so they're good for people who are sensitive to UV light. When it comes to UV radiation, there's a range of levels that can be harmful. The highest level is called UVA Rays and is known to cause skin cancer. 

The second most harmful type of ray is called UVB Rays and is responsible for sunburns and other skin problems. If you're looking for sunglasses that offer good protection against both UVA and UVB rays, look for glasses that have a rating of at least SPF 30.