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Manicure Nail Art – From Revlon to Revolutionary In Sydney

Every kind of art has its day in the sun. From Andy Warhol's pop art phenomenon to tattoos and body art, it seems like there's always a new art form that allows people to express their individuality and creativity.

Tattoos are still a very popular art form, but a new type of body art, often referred to as nail art manicures, has emerged. Experienced nail artists in Sydney create nail art for their clients and must rely on their artistic skills, which combine creativity, precision and attention to detail. Nail decorations can be applied to natural nails as well as gel and acrylic nails.

The practice of decorating nails has been around for 5,000 years and can be traced back to the Indians decorating their nails with henna. Fast forward to 1932 when the French company Revlon launched their first nail polish. It is available in a variety of colors and uses pigments instead of dyes.

Nail art has come a long way since the 1930s. Nail airbrushing technique is still relatively new. These include a nail manicure airbrush machine that works with a compressor to create innovative and elegant patterns and designs on nails.

If ever there was a mortal art form, it was the art of manicure. Once your nails grow or the acrylic or gel nails need to be removed, the art will disappear. Many women have regular nail care, but there are ways to make your expertly treated nails last longer.