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Mistakes to Avoid when Installing a Metal Roof


It's easy to make mistakes while installing metal roof insulation blankets especially if you're new to it. So, this blog is to highlight a few important areas that one commonly is prone to make mistakes on when installing their metal roof. People often make the mistake of lapping their panels the wrong way. Remember the fatter layer always goes down first as it's a bit extra wider towards the corrugation. You want to cover it so that the thinner part shows when you're done. T

he second is screwing, pay close attention that each of the screws has been set correctly. You want to make sure the screws are not over tightened where the washer is splayed out invisible outside the metal band around the screw. You want to make sure the screw is not under tightened and the washer is a bit loose. You always want to put your screws on the flat place at each end of the metal blanket. If you have trouble with the screw, they tend to fall off or wobble a lot when you put it in the blanket check to make sure that the nut driver is in good working order.

The third is if you ever find yourself thinking that you can fix a mistake or a difficult area on the roof by just laying on a thick layer of caulk after you're done you want to reconsider. Your goal is to insulate your house using the metal blanket correctly. Caulk or sealants should be secondary not a primary means to insulating. And remember you always want to put the caulk on underneath the blanket where it's protected from sunlight and weather cause it's going to last a lot longer in that position than if you just apply it on top of whatever you're doing.

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