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Napkin Folds- Dressing Up Your Table

Whether your napkin is an accenting piece to an overall color scheme or the main focal point of your tablescape, the right napkin fold can truly bring an entire event together! 

With so many different napkin styles and folds, finding one you like best may seem a bit puzzling. You can even rent napkin hire for any kind of occasion. That’s why we’ve compiled these examples of simple yet stylish napkin folds that are sure to elevate your event. 

Explore below to find inspiration for the perfect design for your next soiree, including step-by-step guides on how to complete some of our more intricate folds.

Rectangular Fold

For this classic fold, all you have to do is keep folding your napkin in half! The rectangular fold is a great way to make sure your accenting colors get plenty of space to shine within your tablescape. When in doubt – this fold will never let you down!

Triangular Fold

First, match together opposite corners of your square napkin to create a large triangle and then fold that in half to create a smaller triangle – and you’ve now perfected the triangular fold! 

To add an element of modern art to your table, offset the triangular fold to just one side. Look at how this geometric flair completes this tablescape!

Knot Fold

The knot fold is an attractive and trendy way to add a pop of color to the border of your plates. Just roll the napkin diagonally from one corner to the other, and then tie it in a knot! The magic of this fold lies in its ability to adapt to any party atmosphere. It’s no wonder the knot fold is so popular among wedding planners!