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Organic Rose Otto Oil For Skin Care

Roses appeared on Earth long before humans, about 10-15 million years ago than any other plant material. Fossils have been found in the northern hemisphere. Botanists estimate about 200 species of roses. Roses grow in low humidity temperatures.

The journey of the researchers and the hard work of botanists have further helped the best of the species of rose called "Rosa Damascena". You can buy rose otto oil (Bulgaria) from Sydney essential oil company.

Rose oil, also called (rose otto, rose attar), rose absolute is a valuable essential oil obtained from flower petals by hydrodistillation, whereas rose absolute is obtained by extraction with solvents (using solvents such as hexane or ethanol) or into SCO2 (supercritical carbon dioxide) extraction. Rose absolute is not recommended for aromatherapy. They can only be used in natural fragrances.

According to research, rose oil is the best skincare product for dealing with severe skin problems. It can be used in the bath, added to the oil and home skincare recipes, sprinkled on potpourri and pomander, and added to fires. It is also used to moisturize, tone, smooth, and restore skin. As long as the application is non-irritating, it cools, soothes. 

Rose oil has a positive effect on ruptured superficial capillaries and is ideal for oily, mature, and dry skin.

Traditionally used extensively to treat blood stains, liver cleanser, heart tonic, digestive tonic, and in some cases cancer because it hates uncontrolled cell growth. It is also used for emotional shock, sadness, mental tension, irritability, and emotional chills.