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Purchasing Beams: A Guide To Identifying The Right Products

Steel beams are available in various specifications and shapes as they have different applications. The wide range of available products can be confusing at times and can make browsing through the different products a challenge. 

Fortunately, identifying your needs draws your attention to the most suitable supply of steel beams. Key factors to consider buying steel beams online or while buying from the factory include:

Stainless Steel Beams And Their Industrial Usage - Montanstahl

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The shape of the beam affects its weight and strength. Both ultimately affect the price of the operator. There are two main forms of beams. Wide-wing beams are usually categorized as W, H, S, or I beams, have thick wings, do not taper on the sides, and are wider than most axles. 

They withstand loads such as shear and bending loads. Younger beams, on the other hand, have conical wings for reinforcement. If you are looking for support for walls or buildings, I and H beams are the best. Series I beams can also function as building supports.


Depending on the intended use, there are industry-specific requirements for carrier strength. Manufacturers categorize them according to specific industry specifications and according to the strength of the materials used. 

The newer beams have more stringent standards, with the older model being omitted in favor of the former being made of a better material. Depending on the production process, the final product can be classified as low alloy steel, carbon steel, high strength steel or mild steel.


The sizes on the bars refer to different aspects. It takes into account the nominal depth, length and kilograms per linear unit of the shaft. Size decoding is very important in determining how suitable a beam is for a task. A block labeled W12 x 50 x 40 is 12 inches high, weighs 50 pounds per foot, and is 40 feet long.