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Qualities of the Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and counselling are highly dependent on the quality of the relationship between therapist and client. The main quality is authenticity. Clients should experience the therapist as genuine – both in wisdom and care. Authenticity meeting in therapy sessions is essential in creating a successful healing result.

Meetings therapy requires several other elements. First, mutual respect. Both the client and the therapist are involved in a business that is highly complex and sensitive, which can only be achieved through self-esteem, mutual consideration and respect for one another. You can explore to get psychotherapy and counselling services.

Second, openness. Ability to open and support the sharing and allows exploration of inner clients and the need to release and freedom from pressed and / or painful memories, grief, shame and guilt.

In a society where the core experience and express emotions may still be considered reprehensible, the ability to give and receive emotional expression openly and non-judgmentally – by the client and therapist each –are valuable and important element of the healing process.

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Third, empathy. A good therapist feels with his client. Instead of deleting or distance themselves, therapists involve itself in the client experience and meet clients held need to be accepted.

The therapist must be prepared to live and responsive, and most of all in attendance, without interference and able to engage fully with the client experience. Intuition is a valuable tool for the therapist. As well as training to be non-critical and accepts clients and do not interpret.

The therapeutic relationship is a deep alliance. A key element here is trust. Clients should feel the therapist integrity, confidence and awareness and the ability to carry him through the hardship to which he wants or needs to go, or become.

Finally, along intention. It is essential that in the first meeting or thereabouts clarifying client therapist intentions clearly and completely.