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Runescape Guide To Make Gold

RuneScape is one of the few older classics that can bring back nostalgia like no other game, and still, has thousands of users actively playing it, with a demand for gold ever so high, this guide will help you earn as much and as efficiently as possible. Read this article to know more about RS3 gold archives.

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The first step on the journey to mining gold would be to cut wood.  It is an unusual manner, but it's by far the best.  The beginner can begin by cutting the typical trees.  After that, the miner can move forward by cutting oaks, followed by willows. By this time, level 65 is already reached.  

The best way to make some great cash till level 65 is by selling the logs of pine and willow trees.  Next proceed to chop the yews and as soon as they're finished chopping, the logs could be sold in the grand exchange.  

When the player is done with timber cutting, and it has crossed the amount 65, now it's time for some fishing. Fishing on rune scape is a fantastic way to mine plenty of gold here. The lobsters can be caught quite easily and they have a dual advantage of being easily captured and also these lobsters market at very substantial prices.  

Finally, use the arrow tips on the headless arrows and you have your arrows!!!  Here's a table of all of the other arrows and what smithing levels you will need to smith the arrowheads.    Making bows well when you finally reach level 5 you can begin making bows!  Making bows is one of the simplest things to do and makes your XP up quickly using this method.  This is how most people today make most of their money and get millions of GP!