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Slug Nematodes, Safe Natural Pest Control In Canada

Slug nematodes are tiny creatures that can be found successfully killing and parasitizing the slugs. They are safe to use and isn't harmful to animals, humans, or wildlife

Nematodes are applied as a drench onto the soils on the soil's surface. They are constantly searching for their prey, and then enter it through the respiratory opening that is located under the mantle. Therefore, you can visit to restrict nematodes in Canada.

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A slug infected with the disease ceases feeding after 3 to 5 days and is then able to show a normal swelling in the mantle. The nematodes multiply inside the slug. When it begins to break down, a new generation of nematodes is born and is looking for its next victim.

The nematodes are to treat plants between May and September. To safeguard young seedlings and cuttings from slugs, it is recommended to use the nematodes one week before planting. Make sure the soil is well-drained before applying the nematodes, and remain moist for 2 weeks.

The nematodes defend against slugs for about six weeks. Slugs require an environment that is humid to reproduce, survive and move about. 90% of the slug population is located in the soil. Just 10 percent of the population is out late at night to eat plants.

The majority of slugs are apex hermaphroditic which means males and females are both. They lay eggs together in groups of 15-50 on the ground or in underplant waste. If the conditions are favorable, these eggs hatch quickly. In unfavorable circumstances, they will endure for a long time until conditions improve and they hatch after which they will be able to reproduce.