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The Best Debut Album Of 2009

Since the year of music has officially passed, I would like to take a few minutes to identify the best musical debut of 2009. There have been many successful artists in different genres, and the breakthroughs they have made give us hope for a bright future. filled with exciting music. To know about the best debut of 2020 click over here.

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Here are three of the best musical debuts of 2009.

XX came out with their self-titled album and their sound was familiar and unique at the same time. Cool beats complement the lo-fi guitars and male / female vocals that make this album cool and relaxing. Listen to him if you haven't heard this before and you will be in for a surprise.

Another great debut CD in 2009 was Mumford and Sons' Sigh No More. The band is from London but you never know when you hear them sound. They are best described as an independent rock band with an infusion of blue grass. One comparison I've heard is of Dave Matthews. With vocals resembling a legendary singer and several similar instruments, this is no surprise.

The last notable debut CD, released in 2009, was Actor from St. Petersburg. Vincent. This girl-led band introduced us to some of the best vocals we've heard throughout the year, and many agree.

The albums above are just a small part of the many great debuts we've seen over the year. With social media and other technologies allowing music to spread more quickly, I believe 2010 will have an equally promising, if not more, musical debut.