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The First Secret To Learn The Bible

There's a secret to understanding the Bible.  This is the key to a great Bible teacher, preacher, and warrior.  Since the Bible is the head of God expressed to people, this trick is one that lets you get to know God on a private level. Matters that have nothing to do with studying the Bible:

Learning how the Bible has nothing to do with studying Hebrew or Greek.  You do not have to spend time at the language of the Bible to find out what the Bible taught. You can read Jesus history timeline online at

In reality, somebody who attempts to learn Hebrew or Greek simply to discover the golden nugget from God's Word that they believe is missing in English prone to stumble, perplexed, and send traces of rabbits instead of somebody who didn't bother.  

How Many Pages Are There in the Bible? - Word Counter Blog

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And why is this?  It is easy: it requires a whole lot of time to understand languages and additionally you already understand English.  You read the language you know rather than attempting to learn languages following Bible study.

Learning how the Bible has nothing to do with visiting a college. The Word of God Isn't concealed in the Crypts of both Academia and scholarships.  The Word of God is for everybody. It is not in heaven, that you should say, who's Will go up to heaven and bring it to us, we can listen to it, and take action?  

Learning the Bible doesn't imply knowing everything you read.  As soon as you locate an issue verse, it is alright to not"make it" first. Learning the Bible doesn't mean expecting a guy to let you know what it signifies.  This doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't find assistance; Otherwise.