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Things You Should Know About Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction or removal of dental work done so as to ensure that no further damage to our mouths. It also ensures that we do not suffer more dental problems like periodontitis or gum disease. This is the reason why you have to know everything about the removal of teeth and this article covers all of it.

Apart from tooth decay and damage, there are plenty of other reasons to remove the tooth or tooth extraction.  You can visit this link to know more about tooth extraction.

These reasons mentioned below and it is important for us to ensure that we pay attention to them:

1. You have an extra gear that prevents other teeth to erupt. Here you will require removal of wisdom teeth.

2. At the time of the baby teeth do not fall and this, in turn, affects the growth of permanent teeth.

3. If you have braces set up then your dentist may have to get some teeth extracted to create more space for other teeth.

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4. If you receive radiation treatment to the head and neck after tooth extraction of radiation affected area becomes necessary.

5. The abolition of wisdom teeth do if they have erupted or not. The third molars will be removed when they are rotting, infected, or if there is not enough space in the mouth.

Tooth extraction is of two types and before undergoing you should know about them too:

a) Simple Extraction: This procedure of tooth extraction performed only when the teeth look. This procedure is generally performed by a general dentist. The dentist will loosen the tooth using a set of tools called the elevator.

b) Extraction Surgery: This is a tedious procedure and is used when a broken tooth at the gum line, or if they do not erupt at all. The procedure is performed by a surgeon's jaw mouth. With a small incision in the gum line, the surgeon will remove the damaged tooth or wisdom tooth.