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Three Reasons For Getting Married

Marriage is a lifelong relationship and a commitment between a man and a woman. With the escalating divorce rates at present times, it is saddening to see how hundreds of married couples a year just give up and toss their marriage vows aside. You can also read more about getting married in your 20s online.

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Here are some reasons why people get married:

1) To give and receive love. This is, of course, the main reason why couples get married. Marriage is the legal venue to take a couple's relationship to another level. It allows a person to show love to his or her partner with no limits. Marriage gives a couple the liberty to love each other freely.

2) To feel protected and cared for. Single women feel more vulnerable compared to those who have been married. For men, getting married makes them feel secure about themselves. They are more than willing to take responsibility as their wife and future family's protector.

3) To share problems and responsibilities. Married couples should work as partners. A husband and wife start to face their finances and personal and family problems together. They should respect and value each other's opinions, outlook, and personality to be able to build harmony in the home.

Marriage also needs a strong foundation. Couples planning to get married should consider and weigh their reasons before deciding to tie the knot. A man and a woman should not anchor their happiness on each other completely. Instead, they should magnify their partner's pleasures.