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Tips How To Install Flexible LED Strips Inside A Vehicle

Custom vehicles for themselves and great, after you customizable features, but also interesting, this is an absolute must-have. Floor lamps can be installed relatively easily to get light and movement of vehicles or vehicles is less dangerous for them, and also adds a larger display. 

LED flexible strips on the floor, you can put a simple task, perhaps more than an hour to complete, a lifetime ban for vehicles less. If you want to get more information about the blue led lights inside car, then search the browser.

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The items you will need:

LED flexible strips


Because the connector line attack

In deciding pit for lighting installed. Looking for more space, but also on both sides of this area will not ultimately be the driver or passengers of any barriers to entry and exit from the vehicle. Testing to ensure that nothing is hidden for printing or wire can prevent this process.

Used to run to the lighting cables self-tapping wires positive and negative. It gives you the power, and would be an additional light when the door opens. If you prefer to have only one of their doors open, straight wire in the light to the controller.

Run line manufacturer's recommendation for a flexible LED strip. Associated with solder wire at both ends and check the lights. Directly connected to any position, change in shape.

Provided by pressing manually from inside the empty car where the fuse box and fix the power supply to be adjusted or switch power between LED lights and lighting controls. Installed in the position, it is easy to get the door open switch.