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Tissue Procurement Service In The Department Of Pathology

Tissue Procurement Service (TPS), which serves Human Tissue Resource Network members, is not an individual member. It is a service laboratory of both the Division of Surgical Pathology and the Department of Pathology. TPS does not allow researchers to interact with them directly for samples. The TPS obtains and distributes biospecimens to HTRN, while fluids, benign, malignant, and diseased tissue go to researchers.

The TPS has adequate space at hospitals for procurement. It is overseen by the technical staff that serves clinical diagnostic specimens, diagnostic archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues, and hematoxylin (HE) stained slides. These slides are briefly kept at before being shipped to the research facilities.

Tissue Procurement Service

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Tissue Procurement Process Services:

Processing and Procurement of Blood:

Blood components are prepared from peripheral blood. This includes plasma, serum, buffy hair, and packed red cells. UNCH routinely collects plasma, which is matched to normal and malignant tissues. This is part of the general tissue procurement activity that we use for proteomic purposes. After the plasma is collected, a buffy coat of blood is also taken for future genomic studies. 

Quality Assurance/Histopathologic Review:

Preparation of quality control sections and evaluation by the facility Pathologist. This is to ensure that only appropriate and representative diagnostic tissue has been obtained. To ensure that representative tissue is used for research, it is necessary to confirm the morphology of all banked tissues.

Banks and other biospecimen collection:

The facility not only collects tissues and blood specimens but also processes, banks, and distributes other biospecimens such as urine, fat biopsies, and toenails. This is mainly for population-based research. These specimens are kept in inventory and monitored by the facility.