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Top Locations For Buying Property In Spain

Spain is one of the most attractive countries in Europe with a wonderful temperate climate enjoyed by most of the country throughout the year and a more relaxed way of life in keeping with the Mediterranean pace of life and culture.

Spain has always been an incredibly popular choice for both vacations and the location of a second home or investment property, and as a result, there are already a significant and healthy number of expat communities living and thriving across the country. If you’re interested you can also buy property in Spain through

The British in particular are big fans of the Spanish way of life and are one of the largest groups of Europeans to have brought property to the country over the years.

Since the boom years of the last two decades, the coasts of Spain have remained one of the most popular destinations for British property buyers, offering the idyllic mix of requirements for a highly sought after property. 

A beach view coupled with year-round warm weather, access to a neighboring city or town for local amenities and services, and potentially a golf course or two in the immediate vicinity are top property requirements in Spain. and such requests are usually met.

With a wide variety of property types available along the coasts of Spain, including villas, apartments, townhouses, fincas and more, there is something to present to even the most discerning property buyer. 

The Costa del Sol, the Costa Brava, the Costa Blanca and the Costa Dorada are all the best places and are home to many Brits who have emigrated and now call Spain home.