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Treatment For Separation Anxiety In Dogs

As humans dogs also suffer from separation anxiety. There are many causes that can trigger separation anxiety. It could be caused by abuse from an owner before, or a naturally anxious person and being abandoned at a young age, the transition to a new house and a lack of proper socialization, and a myriad of other reasons. 

There are many options for solutions for treating anxiety in dogs that work quickly and efficiently. The options for treatment are contingent on the degree of anxiety. 

The most severe instances of separation anxiety might require the assistance of a vet. Your vet may prescribe medicines that are effective to calm your puppy. In order for these medications to function optimally, you must mix the medication along with training. 

One of the most important principles in training is called counter-conditioning. Counter conditioning is a method of taking your puppy's negative experiences and transforms the negative experiences they have had into positive ones.

 For example, when you go to the door to let your dog out, it becomes anxious. To prevent this from happening you should practice walking to the door and not leaving and repeat this repeatedly until the dog does not consider the door to be a sign of you going out.

If you are treating your dog, try the best you can to avoid situations that trigger anxiety. Find out about your dog's behavior and identify any other factors that contribute to anxiety, so that you can implement remedial measures. Train your puppy to be calm by paying attention to calm behavior. Do not ignore anxious behavior.