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What Are Cannabis Extracts And Concentrates?

Let's begin with a brief definition of marijuana concentrate and what distinguishes it from other products derived from marijuana. Simply put concentrates are made up of all the major components in the plant condensed into a single substance that is free of any extra material. 

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2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup: Top 5 Indica Concentrates - Cannabis Cup

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They include all cannabinoids (like CBD and THC) and Terpenes of the cannabis flowers but without any additional, non-essential components of the plant. This means that pound per pound, concentrated cannabis contains the highest amount of cannabinoids of any cannabis product.

What exactly are cannabinoids and terpenes? 

These are the components in the marijuana plant which are capable of interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system to create diverse effects in addition to being the reason for the distinct aromas and tastes that are associated with cannabis products.

If you looked at the cannabis plant through an extremely powerful microscope at a molecular scale there would be cannabinoids and terpenes bonded together in trichomes, which are structures that we call. Concentrates are in essence clusters of trichomes.

Due to their high concentration with the top parts of cannabis in one pot concentrated pot, pot concentrates allow consumers to feel a diverse variety of effects. And pot concentrates can be consumed in various ways. You can dab them on your tongue, mix them into culinary recipes, or include them in regular cannabis joints for instance.

If you are asking yourself what are cannabis concentrates You may also have heard of "cannabis extracts" and you've wondered what exactly it means and whether extracts and concentrates are the same thing or are separate items.