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What Are Crawler Cranes And What Do You Need To Know?

Crawler cranes are basically machines that can lift and move heavy loads. Various crane parts are identified as houses, weights, side frames, jibs, hoists, wire ropes and bundles.

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Don't worry too much about terminology at this point, because it is only used in heavy industry to represent certain transportation elements.

Unlike hydraulic or truck cranes; Crawler cranes do not have outriggers. This is not a gap, but it is less necessary because of its superior stability compared to hydraulic cranes or trucks.

The joint or shoulder section of the crane is mainly a grating construction for the crawler crane. The grid structure is much lighter compared to the hydraulic boom crane and the resulting effect is a better load-to-radius ratio. I mean, you can lift more than the distance from a hydraulic crane of a similar category.

This can be achieved because the lighter weight of the boom affects the overall capacity of this type of crane.

Crawler cranes are not transported fully assembled. They are too big for the streets. That is why they are sent in a practical form and assembled on location. This can be a project in itself and will include a team of heavy duty professional technicians such as riggers and operators.

The crane configuration is determined by the elevator engineer based on customer design requirements.

This is a brief overview in the field of weight lifting and is not always known by engineers in other fields.