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What does an RTE really do?

Scaled Agile environments have multiple Scrum Masters supporting them. One can refer to the Release Train Engineer's role as the 'Super Scrum Master’ or 'Chief Scrum Master’. This is literally the highest Scrum Master, with whom all Scrum Masters collaborate, and who can remove impediments at the larger, overall program level.

The RTE serves as the Coach for the entire Agile Release Train, Product Management (Chief Products Owner), and its immediate environment. For further information about RTE, you can also visit

He adds that "This is a critical position and it's a very important role. It's great for team Scrum Masters to have an experienced Chief Scrum Master to consult with. But then the RTE doesn't have anyone higher up. 

They have to figure how to deal with more serious impediments at a program-level." The RTE serves as a coach for the entire program and facilitator for many rituals and events. He is also a Master of Ceremonies and must ensure that everything is in order. This is a challenging and important role, especially since it's relatively new.

SAFe Release Train engineer has been around for a decade, starting in 2011. This means that it is difficult to find RTE colleagues to share information with. They are also in a new challenging role and are very busy because there is so much work. 

SAFe RTE program is important and beneficial. They have been working in the same role for 3-12 months and are eager to continue and reflect on what they have done. It's great for participants to meet up with their peers and talk about practicalities for a few days. This is one of the greatest advantages of this training.