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What to Look For in Children’s Clocks

Children's clocks come in all shapes and sizes, and many of these clocks have different features to meet the needs of children. There are "OK to wake" clocks that call out the time during the day, helping them to associate the hands and numbers with the time. Another great feature is that the clock also acts as a night light, allowing the child to see it by day or night. In addition to being useful as a teaching tool, these clocks also have volume controls.

Color coding

A color-coded children's routine clock can be a great tool for moving the routine along and keeping kids on task. Using a DIY project like the color-coding clock at Kids Activities Blog, kids can color-code different sections of the day, then list tasks based on the color. Even if your child isn't able to tell time yet, he or she will soon be able to tell the time thanks to the color-coded clock.

Snooze feature

Choosing a clock for your child is no small feat. Many are equipped with music, lights, or sound effects. Some even have hidden features to encourage kids to get out of bed. However, if you're tired of constantly nagging and waking up your child early in the morning, it may be time to consider a clock with a snooze feature. Aside from being easy to read, a good child's alarm clock will also be durable and come with a night light feature.

Some snooze clocks require flipping over to switch off. Kids can also flip the clock over and pretend not to hear it. These alarm clocks come in many colors and can appeal to children's love of mythical creatures. They are also useful for teaching kids to wake up gently without the sound of an alarm. However, beware of the snooze feature – some kids are not as responsive to it as they should be.

8 different alarm songs

Having an alarm to wake you up? Your child can wake up to 8 different songs on their clock, making it easier for you to get ready for school or work. Children's clocks also act as sleep sound machines, giving you visual cues to go to bed or wake up. They can even tell you the temperature and time! With so many options, you can be sure your child will love the clock.

If your child is still in the toddler stage, waking him up with music will make the experience more enjoyable. You may want to consider getting an alarm clock with a song that will help wake your child up, such as "It's time to wake up." Then you can set it to wake your kid up with the same tune every single time he or she reaches the same age. You can also use a clock with seven colors so that your child will be able to wake up by the sound of a particular color.

Snooze volume

Kids have a nagging habit of pushing the snooze button on their clocks and then flipping the clock back to turn it off. Snooze volume on children's clocks has become an art. Here's what to look for when buying one. Listed below are the features and functionality of each product. For each, we've included a short review. We also considered age-appropriateness and consumer reviews.

A snooze volume on children's clocks is an essential feature for a clock. Children's clocks often have a snooze button on the top to let parents prolong the time they wake up. Pressing this button will give your child an extra 9 minutes of sleep and also allow them to take a nap. The volume dimmer is adjustable too, with a 15-level sliding control.


The price of children's clocks vary depending on their features. Some of them include nightlights, Bluetooth speakers, hands-free phones, and even music. If you are concerned that your child might wake up too early, consider buying a clock that is capable of helping them relax before bed. This type of clock has several advantages, including a long battery life and a number of attractive color choices. The features listed below may interest your child and make them want to purchase it.

Most children's clocks come with a snooze button, which makes them more likely to turn off the alarm. Many of these clocks double as sleep sound machines, giving your child visual cues to wake up and fall asleep. These clocks can also serve as nightlights and will glow yellow or green in the morning or evening. Listed below are some examples of the different types and prices of children's clocks.