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Where Can I Get Smoking Glass Filters?

There are pretty good filter tip brands available online. Most glass filters come in small boxes that are ideal for tucking into your coat or pocket so they don't get lost. The reusable joint filter at also makes rolling easier by providing a rigid attachment point for rolling. To get you started in the right direction, here are three things to get you started:

1. RAW x RooR

These tips are meant to build collaboration between RAW roll paper experts and glass company RooR. They are available in a flat end with a pinhole or around the end with an X-shaped filter.

Image Source: Google

2. Tips for Filters

The branded nib is sure to look good and is made of Class A glass. The classic shapes come in a variety of colors and sizes, and you can get the removable paper too!

3. Dipping tips

Here we save the best for last. Thanks to a tip that is made of borosilicate glass for the best quality and has one of the coolest tips: the Tornado. This tip rotates your smoke as you draw. Some people say that the increased area results in a smoother smoke, but we say it looks cool!

These filters tips are made for smoker’s ease in the art of smoking.