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Why Forklift Safety Blue Lights are Important?

Statistics on Injury —

Every year, forklifts are responsible for nearly 100,000 industrial accidents. That's approximately 1% of workplace accidents. 10 percent of workplace injuries result from accidents involving forklifts. It is estimated that there are 100 fatal accidents per year involving pedestrians and forklifts. Installing safety lighting, such as a forklift stroboscope lamp, can help prevent the majority of these accidents and injuries.

Forklifts or mobile-powered propelled trucks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes starting from the smallest lifts used to move cargo in shipping docks, to high lifts to put the cargo in racks. Each kind of use has its own set of issues however pedestrian visibility and safety is a major priority across all the various industries.

Safety Lights

The strobe lights are positioned on top of the safety cage that protects the driver and is aimed at the ground on the rear and front of the forklift approximately 20' from where the forklift is. It gives pedestrians and other lifts a two-three-second warning signal that can be seen in racks, around corners, or other blind spots.

Blue Strobe lights are ideal for nighttime, fog, or any other dark areas in which traditional measures to prevent accidents fail. In these circumstances, the strobe lights can be positioned higher than headlights or blinking lights forklifts are fitted with, and they can help prevent accidents.

Blue Strobe lights can be seen in dark warehouses or docks that are well lit. The most flexible and noticeable color of safety lights.